Utility Program Comparison

In order to assist Texas homeowners and renters throughout the state with past due utility bills, the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs administers two separate assistance programs. Please refer to the chart below to compare the programs and determine which one is best for your household.

Program Website https://texashomeownerassistance.com/ https://texasutilityhelp.com/
Household Eligibility Homeownership Required Yes No
Income Limit for Eligibility 100% Area Median Income (AMI) or 100% US Median Income, Whichever is Greater 150% Federal Poverty Income Guidelines (FPIG)
COVID-19 Hardship Required Yes No
US Citizenship or Qualified Immigrant Status Required No Yes
Utility Vendor Participation Agreement Required No Yes (energy vendors)

No (water and waste water vendors)

Payments Eligible Utility Expenses Electricity, Gas, Propane, Water, Wastewater Electricity, Gas, Propane, Water, Wastewater
Past Due Utility Bill Required Yes No
Prospective Utility Assistance Based On Alternative Billing Method (ABM) 3 Months 12 Months (energy)

Through September 20, 2023 (water and waste water)

Utility Payment Caps $10,000 Cap In Total, Inclusive of Past Due Balance and Prospective Assistance No Cap On Past Due Amounts

For Prospective Payments, Up To:
$2,400 for Water, Wastewater
$2,400 for Electricity, Gas, Propane

Eligible Non-Utility Expenses Past Due Mortgage, Property Tax, Insurance, HOA None
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